I think I’m gonna be taking a hiatus until June guys.

I haven’t slept in an entire week due to stress and I really need to focus on school and my health instead of worrying about updating the blog all of the time. I could still make texts now but they wouldn’t be very good since I don’t have the time or energy to put into making them. If I’m going to make them, I want to make sure they’re the best they can be. I graduate the first week of June so after that I will have the time and energy to give this blog what it needs. Thanks for understanding and feel free to unfollow while I’m gone.

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Sorry that I haven’t updated guys. I’ve been awake for almost 48 hours straight and I’m totally disoriented right now. I’m literally unable to sleep and I have no idea why :(

Is it possible for a school subject to kill you cuz I think it is

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How do you run a blog and get enough sleep and get straight A’s and have a social life and dress cute and talk to people and leave your bedroom and not die everyday? TEACH ME YOUR WAYS PEOPLE CUZ LIKE WHAT ARE FRIENDS AND HOW DO I GET SOME ARE THEY AVAILABLE ONLINE

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Omg Grace was f*cking amazing on Revenge!




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can you make a text similar to that one about a girl named jane that's going around tumblr. i can't send links but if you google it you should find it. but instead of jane have it say aria or spencer a bunch of times and be the other one texting :)

Just posted :)


Inspired by this [x], as requested by an anon.

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You quoted the Amanda show. I love you forever.